Our Story

Our Story

At American Safety Rentals, we are the newest of a long line of companies that are founded by Damian Lang. Our leader got his start as a laborer, mixing and carrying mortar to bricklayers on masonry jobsites. In 1984, Damian borrowed $800 to buy his first pickup truck and started his own masonry company. Lang masonry emerged from a small town in southeastern Ohio, and Damian employed as many local workers as possible. His own friends and family members made up the ranks of his first company and keeping them safe was Damian’s top priority.

Lang Masonry blossomed and quickly grew into one of the top masonry contracting businesses in the United States. As business boomed, the need for quality equipment was becoming evident. So, Damian started a sister company, EZ Grout Corporation, to manufacture the perfect masonry equipment to help his employees in the field.

Rapidly the businesses grew and was soon followed the need for contracting company. Wolf Creek Contracting materialized and thus the ability to take on larger, commercial projects presented itself. With the growth to take on more complex work, the need for fall protection and safety equipment surfaced.


The safety of his employees was at the top of Damian’s priority list, and he needed a high quality, cost effective option. No such option could be found, so once again a new company came into view. Malta Dynamics was founded and a reliable product with a great price was now available for the laborers of today. Malta Dynamics found that not everyone has the need to purchase fall protection, especially if they only need the equipment for a job here or there. A rental department arose in the fall protection field, but they found that the was a need for safety rentals of kinds.


American Safety Rentals was born with the mission to provide all the safety equipment you need to rent in one convenient location. The representatives at American Safety Rentals are all safety experts and promise to provide the highest quality customer service to make your rental process as swift and simple as possible.